"We only wanted to buy in one specific neighborhood in Davidsonville, a neighborhood where very few houses ever come on the market. We weren’t going to settle for any other location, even if that meant we would have to rent for awhile. David, on his own initiative, mailed to our desired neighborhood (on our behalf) multiple times over a two month period, and this sparked interest from people who were just beginning to think about selling their home in the near future. We have now purchased our new home in our neighborhood of choice and we couldn’t be happier."
Ken & Barbara S.
Here's The Absolute Best Way To Find Your DREAM HOME!

We Do All The Work, And There Is No Cost Or Obligation To You 

What Our Dream Home Finder Program Will Do For You:
  • Allows you to look at homes NO ONE else knows are for sale! The sellers will be in the early stage of selling and not yet on the open market, so no one other than you, me and the seller will know the house is for sale. 
  • ​Eliminates the stress of buying & selling simultaneously. Once we help you find your dream home, you will have plenty of time to sell your current house. Remember, the seller is at the beginning stages of selling, and therefore, we can build in ample time to sell your house and orchestrate both moves smoothly.    
  • ​Guarantees we will find you the perfect home matching EXACTLY what you are looking for in terms of area, price and desired amenities! Tell us exactly what you want, and we will find it for you!
  • ​We will invest our own money in marketing to find you homes matching your criteria, not yet on the market.  
  • ​It is completely FREE of charge and you are never under any obligation to buy anything. 
  • ​Avoids the home sale contingency nightmare and all the stress that causes when trying to buy & sell a home at the same time!
Find Your Dream Home FIRST - Before You Make Your Final Decision To Move!

Our Dream Home Finder Program Is GOLD
  • It takes the stress out of the home finding, buying, and selling process
  • ​Turns it into an easy and enjoyable experience
  • ​Gives you the time and flexibility you need to really find your dream home with no pressure
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David Reecher
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